DMS is now EDP.

Electronic Media Arts & Design and Digital Media Studies have merged to create the Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) program.

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Please visit the EDP program page to learn more about our exciting new program.

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About the Program

Please note that all students applying or transferring into Digital Media Studies starting in the Fall of 2012 will be receiving degrees in our new program, Emergent Digital Practices.  Current students who will graduate after the start of Fall 2012 have the option of finishing the DMS degree path or shifting to the new EDP path.  Please see an advisor for details.  Find out more about our exciting new program and degree offerings here:


Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver fosters the work of innovative students interested in using digital methods and forms to creatively explore, and critically comment on, the digital conditions rapidly altering every aspect of our reality. DMS provides cross-disciplinary support for the study and practice of digital media with courses in art and design; 3D; animation; video and audio; interactive media; games; HCI design; Web and network development; flash remoting; and seminars and lectures exploring the critical, philosophical, legal, political, and cultural dimensions of digital media.

Our program combines a rigorous foundational curriculum with a flexible set of electives and opportunities for directed research and production. DMS courses represent the collaborative efforts of the School of Art and Art History, the School of Communication, and the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The program also benefits from the contributions of faculty throughout the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Courses delivered by adjunct faculty reflect the program's ties to various digital industries, professionals, and independent artists and researchers. DMS further supports students through a diverse network of internship and community outreach situations throughout the Denver area.

DMS graduates leave the program with significant experience in three areas of investigation and aptitude: design, technical, and critical. Trained to establish and foster dialogue across these areas, DMS graduates are prepared to address the intertangled, technology-fueled challenges shaping contemporary experience. This opens up many paths for our graduates, who are now applying their digital skills in a great variety of settings. DMS graduates are also prepared to enter a wide array of advanced degree programs in such fields as communication, philosophy, cultural studies, science studies, journalism, business, design, and more.

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Featured Work
Click here to see some of the exciting things going on in DMS including A/V performances, game creation, data visualization, animation, physical interfaces, sonic mashups and much more...

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